Furniture is functional and a product of design. It sets the atmosphere for any room, is an expression of style, status and serves the overall purpose of the space it occupies. It will be touched, closely inspected and interacted with in a variety of ways. The quality of furniture will become almost instantly apparent as it is used, or in some cases, as soon as you see it.

With a large focus on furniture since our beginning, we understand the science of how people interact with and perceive furniture. Each custom piece we make reflects the environment and style of the customer. Thanks to our 3D Modeling and Design process including product renderings, the customer is involved every step of the way. This means our custom products reflect your individual needs, not our own artistic taste. Though that is available, too!

Our builders will craft your custom piece with the highest standard of care and pride. It is our goal to build furniture for you that is more than just function and form – but a work of art with a story.

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