3D Design & Rendering

3D Modeling / CAD Drawing

What is CAD modeling?

CAD (computer aided design) software offers a variety of design tools used to create and analyze 3D virtual objects and assemblies. This software is essential to our design process and allows us to visually explore ideas with our customers and output to precision manufacturing equipment. Weld Works uses ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim; an intuitive CAD modeling software, in conjunction with KeyShot for photo-realistic rendering capabilities.

How Our Design Process Works:

Idea – Whether you have a simple idea, or a fully developed design, our qualified Weld Works project designers will work with you to draft a concept that reflects your specifications, budget and timeline. We apply our years of experience in the fabrication and manufacturing industries, to offer our clients expert advice in material selection, ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality - while optimizing for ideal manufacturing processes and cost-effective solutions.

Development – Every space is unique. We recognize this crucial step in the development process by performing field measurements to survey for obstacles, clearances, and other restrictions. Importing our measurements, or your provided architectural drawings into SpaceClaim moves the project from concept to creation.

Rendering & Customer Interaction – Our customers experience an interactive 3D design, while we work together through options, details and functionality. We offer photo-realistic renderings of finished products. This animation capability helps us ensure that the final product meets the client's vision. 

Engineering – Weld Works partners with licensed architects and engineers to ensure our design meets certain civil and SAE specifications if required.

Model – With our in-house manufacturing equipment, we can export components of the design directly to CNC cutting, forming, milling and printing equipment. Our fabricators work directly with our 3D CAD models, greatly improving efficiency, accuracy and an understanding of finished product specifications. 

We would love to hear more about your idea or project! For more information on design capabilities or for a free consultation, please contact us!

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