Over the past 2 years I have had the pleasure of working with Weld Works on several projects to better my business. Nick Carleton, Owner of Weld Works Inc. has been an intricate part to helping us grow, expand and create new ways to do things better. Our first project with Weld Works was a custom made library ladder. One of our biggest issues to overcome was an uneven floor that wouldn’t allow us to have the ladder touch the floor, Nick’s design to suspend the ladder ensured that our atmosphere was maintained and the ergonomics were met as well.

For anyone that is in need of a metal project of any kind solved, I would put Weld Works at the top of your list. Their professional, can do approach, coupled with the amazing design work and timely output of work makes them the best custom metal company in Rochester!

Over the past several years I have contracted Nick Carleton of Weldworks llc to complete a myriad of metal and woodworking tasks ranging from purely functional to ornate.  Nick’s thoughtful approach to his projects result in some beautiful pieces that reside in my restaurants.  I was able to describe what it was I was looking for and he was able to take that information and manifest items that exceed my expectations.  I often receive compliments on the fixtures that he created where people use adjectives like “impressive,” and “beautiful.”  I’d agree. 

Nick has always been extremely professional and punctual with his projects and is beyond capable of guiding the process to ensure that you are able to receive exactly what you’ve asked for.

If I had to describe the fabrications Nick creates in a few words, I’d use: strong, substantial, functional and reliable.  In fact, that’s how I’d describe the whole experience!

Creating a business and renovating a century old building has been a near impossible process. Open one wall to address an issue, and you learn of a dozen new issues that need addressing. As the number of issues increase, so does the time involved, as each step continually pushes further and further back. I learned pretty quickly that timetables given to you by construction industry types need to be taken with a grain of salt, as they were almost never accurate. Getting high quality results in an aggressive timeline is not feasible. 

Except for Nick Carleton and the Weld Works company. 

Somehow, Nick and his team have contributed an incredible amount to our build out, providing results that surpassed all expectations, in a speedy timeframe, and at a rate that cannot be beat. To say that I'd recommend Weld Works is a total understatement. I practically insist on it. I don't know enough to comment on all of the specific pieces that they've done for us, but this I do know. They work fast, on your timetable, within your budget, and the final product that they brings to the table is flawless.

For all of us in business or with a mind for the creative, there's that trade out there that we just can't put our finger on, as an existing set of words does not describe it. For those looking for unique constructions of metal and wood, with an aesthetic that simultaneously makes a statement, while complimenting the existing vibe of your place, Nick Carleton is your guy. With Weld Works he perfectly adapts his creations to work with your design, while having the technical prowess, diligence and professional courtesy necessary to turn out high-quality products.


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