Who We Are

 We are a full-service design and fabrication company located in Rochester, NY. Featuring both an advanced metal fabrication division as well as a wood working studio, we provide our clients with comprehensive solutions, ensuring satisfaction throughout the process from concept to installation.

The Beginning

Trust the process. This overused phrase has been reiterated through the years to describe so many varying situations. What is the process? For our owner, Nick Carleton, his passion is the very element of this poignant question. The passion is in the process. The method in which things are created and the quality of the materials they are crafted from. Though this appreciation has always been present throughout his life, it intensified in early adulthood when he began working in the Motorsports industry. The progression of the process, and the idea that raw steel could be cut, bent, welded, and fine tuned into a beautiful yet powerful machine motivated Nick to constantly push his skills to a new level. In this arena, that fine tuning meant the difference of a fraction of a second to the finish line. The slightest details mattered.

After ten years with race cars and spending weekends at tracks all over the country, Nick made the decision to transition into the architectural metalwork industry. Using the foundation of skills he developed during his years with Motorsports, he challenged himself in this new field to expand his knowledge and make a difference instead of just a product. The engineering mindset and attention to detail gained from the racing world meant that Nick took an alternate approach to fabrication. This difference is Weld Works llc.

 It started with a request to fabricate a library-style rolling ladder for The Daily Refresher cocktail bar, and resulted in a steady stream of projects coming in. Despite working a full-time day job in the industry, he was set on providing a distinct experience for his clients, and offered a unique style of service by treating his clients as partners throughout the entire process. Bridging the gap between the designer and the fabricator did not come easy. Working nights, and weekends out of his garage, Nick often traveled over an hour to and from Buffalo each night to take advantage of a larger work space for bigger projects. The long hours were difficult, but it was worth it to continue to provide clients with a seamless experience from concept to creation. Building lasting partnerships based on trust and integrity created repeat customers and further demonstrated the penchant for the particular style of service being offered.

After several years working by day in architectural metalworking, and spending evenings crafting projects for a growing list of his own customers, a change proved necessary. He believed that this new and different approach could blossom into a company that would demonstrate a standard; designing things that can be built. On January 16, 2015 Nick recognized his birthday by celebrating this new start and pursuing his passion full time. Weld Works llc was born.

“Quality Materials, Creatively Crafted.”

Our environment has changed a bit since Nick’s garage, but the core values that were built on have not. Today Weld Works employs a family of fabrication and design experts who Love what they do, and embody a passion for quality and service. What does “Quality Materials” mean? It’s not the mill, nor the manufacturer, it’s the dedication burned into the weld, the experience stained in the wood. At Weld Works, our employees are our greatest asset.

At Weld Works, we as a team, seek to endlessly pursue perfection in our product and value for our customers. 


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